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  • Quick view of System

Ready Mix Reclaimer and Filter Press


Enviro-Port manufactures the world's highest quality, most durable and most dependable concrete reclaimer and ready-mix recycling systems. Our reclamation systems also aid in managing process and storm water.

Enviro-Port begins with an analysis of your company's recycling goals and potential for expansion, offering a solution for every ready-mix producer. We minimize driver wait times with multiple truck washout stations and a standard 3-4 yard unloading buffer that allows the drivers to "discharge and go".

The Basic Separation Series offers aggregate recovery in succession with settling ponds.

The Complete Recovery Series offers 100% recycling of aggregates and residual water while also helping to manage your plant's process and storm water.

To process gray water from an existing capture basin or reclamation system:

Our Process Water Management System will agitate and measure the gray water density to interface with your batch computer for reuse.

With the addition of agitators to your current process Filter Press can be implemented to process the slurry, producing a low moisture cake and filtered water for reuse. 

We stock a full supply of parts and accessories. As always, our expert staff is available 24/7/365! 
Concrete Reclaimer and Filter Press


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