Aug 27, 2014

Filter press line solidifies Enviro-Port reclaiming role

A filter press series from D.R. Sperry & Co. of Aurora, Ill., has joined Enviro-Port's line of concrete reclaiming and slurry handling equipment. Filter presses enable producers to reduce settling pond sediment handling requirements and solids drying time, while also expediting the return of water for process and batch use. 

Press are most efficient when used with a reclaimer system directly connected to a tank or cell running an agitator pump kit or impeller and gearbox drive.  In concrete production, they a) remove particulates from gray water, pressing them into easily handled cakes; and, b) yield low solids content filtered water.

Enviro-Port offers four Sperry models.  At 470-mm with 2.5-cu.-ft. press, the smalles can process up to 8,000 gal. daily and suites precast plants or ready mix operations with 10 or fewer trucks.  Three additional models are sized to ready mixed plants with up to 15, 25, and 35 trucks, respectively; 630-mm, 4.2-cu.-ft. press, 17,000 gal. capacity; 800-mm, 8.5-cu.-ft. press, 26,000 gal.; and, 1,000-mm, 20-cu.-ft. press, 35,000 gal.  Model choice can also hinge on producers' use of gray water in batching and wether filter press opertion is continuous or inclined to production peaks. 

Enviro-Port's Gray Water Rebatching Technology, coupled with Sperry filter presses, elevates the reclamation process and reduces plant's carbon footprint through lower waste handling and hauling requirments.  Ready mixed and precast concrete producers can look to Enviro-Port for assistance in achieving all their gray water processing goals, company officials note.  - Enviro-Port Inc. 

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Feb 24, 2014

Enviro-Port expands leadership portfolio

Newly appointed company president Robert Fecht and vice-president Kevin Kammes have over 35 combined years of experience in the ready mix recycling industry, and are now co-owners of Enviro-Port, along with company founder and CEO Jeff Metz.  Fecht leads the sales and marketing division, while Kammes is the purchasing and production manager.  Metz heads up the product development department.  "We work great together!  With our expanded leadership, it's exciting to see our company develop to a new level!", says comany founder, Metz.

Enviro-Port is focused on listening to their customer's recycling goals and challenges, and then responding with the correct equipment for each individual site.  Timely response to an inquiry is achieved with a professional dealer network which includes D'Ambra Equipment and Supply Co., Inc., Concrete Plants Inc. and Transco Northwest Inc.

The Basic Separation Series offers aggregate recovery in succession with settling ponds.

  • The standard unloading buffer and screw conveyor, reclaim the aggregates.
  • The remaining gray water is then processed through settling ponds, and the clear water from the final pond is recycled.
  • Upgradable to the Complete Recovery Series.

The Complete Recovery Series offers 100% recycling of aggregates and residual water.

  • Manage your plant's process and storm water.
  • With the ease of using gray water rebatching technology and integrating with your batch computer, we can change the way you look at gray water.

Providing options for producers to meet their goals of managing gray water

  • Gray Water Rebatching:  Reuse of the gray water in future batches is an effective way of reducing the amount of solids to be hauled off.
  • Filter Press:  Processing of the gray water through a filter press achieves a low moisture cake that is easier to handle than sludge dredged from a weir system.  The filtered water can be recycled by the producer.

An Enviro-Port Ready-Mix Recycling System will provide positive solutions for your mixer truck washout and ready-mix reclamation challenges.  We stock a full supply of parts and accessories.  As always, our expert staff is available to answer questions and offer technical support 24/7/356.

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