Precast Concrete Reclamation Systems

The ENVIRO-PORT® Precast Reclamation System was built and designed exclusively for the precast industry. Reclaim all of your unused ready-mix and capitalize on the benefits. Our highly qualified sales staff is ready to answer any questions or offer technical support. Our goal is to keep you a leader in your industry.
ENVIRO-PORT® Precast Reclamation System

  1. Unused ready-mix is poured directly into the intake hopper. Sand and stone are swept into the diagonal screw conveyor while residual water is kept in suspension in the agitation tank.
  2. Clean sand and stone are transported above residual water level where it is given a final rinse and stock-piled for reuse. (Separation can be performed with optional screen deck.)
  3. Residual water is metered back to the batch plant for reuse by way of a weigh batch system or a metering system.
  4. Your plant's process water and storm water can be introduced automatically into your ENVIRO-PORT® System for reuse in batching. The ENVIRO-PORT® System can use up this water instead of creating more.

Your Precast Reclamation System

  • 100% Recycle of Ready-Mix and Process Water. Your way to a clean plant.
    Reuse your materials to save money.
  • Simplicity in design and operation. User friendly with automatic cycle modes.
    Very low maintenance. Our material-on-material design eliminates wear on tank floor and auger housing.
  • Easily designed to meet your particular needs.
  • High-quality components.
  • Small, compact equipment for quick, easy installation.
    Pre-wired and pre-plumbed.

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