Filter Press - Site Considerations

Considerations for Press installation:

1.  Press Location:
    a.  Elevate press on walls

        i.  Filtered water discharge

                 1.  Gravity to containment area/tank
                 2.  Sump pump transfer kit option
    b.  Cake drop area – Clean out method and schedule

2.  Gray Water Source, Agitation 

    a.  If Enviro-Port spillover tank – Filter Press feed kit needed
    b.  If Pond or capture pits – Agitation method needed

3.  Run Off Water

    a.  Some water is expected from the dropping cakes, press cloth weeping and customers washing down the cloth after use, locate press so process water can be directed to capture basin

4.  Air Supply: Varies by press depending on size of Air Operated Diaphragm (AOD) used to supply the filter   press. CFM listed on equipment quote. 


5.    Electrical: Varies by press type, Full Auto and Semi Auto  

Filter Press and Reclaimer