About Enviro-Port® INC.

VALUE: Every year in America, 23.1 million tons* of ready mix concrete is wasted, thrown away, and left to harden. That’s almost 2 billion dollars worth of revenue left sitting in piles every year. It’s time to capture lost revenue from wasted materials while aiding in environmental compliance and plant aesthetics.


Enviro-Port® Located in Gratiot, WI

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PASSION: Individuals are becoming more aware of their effects on the environment while saving money. Enviro-Port supplies a cost-effective solution to gain a capital return on waste materials and help your company grow. Our systems ensure that what we take from nature is used efficiently, aiding in the control of eliminating solid and liquid waste and recycling these materials into useful products, while increasing the efficiency and profitability of ready mix operations. The result is a system that can fit the needs of all ready mix and precast producers to have a positive impact on the environment and your bottom line. 

MISSION: From Aggregate Recovery to Complete Recovery systems, Enviro-Port offers a variety of systems each tailored to your specific operational needs by analyzing your company’s recycling goals and potential for expansion or enhancing your existing process. We design the best system for you, built for long-term reliability, and support by assembling your customized equipment on-site. We are prepared to meet unique challenges, including cold weather operation, accommodations for any size fleet, and a custom layout to meet your facility criteria. 

We demonstrate a strong commitment to the environment every day. Equally important is our commitment to our customers with 24/7/365 direct support and service. We offer solutions to your truck washout and ready mix reclamation issues while incorporating the latest technology and supplying the highest quality OEM parts and components. Multiple truck washout stations and an optional 3-4 yard integral unloading buffer allow drivers to “Discharge and Go,” minimizing wait times. Reclaim your unused ready mix and capitalize on the benefits by managing your plant’s process and stormwater.