Complete Recovery Series

The Complete Recovery Series implements the utilization of gray water into new batches of ready mix. With enhanced aesthetics and standards, the Complete Recovery Series allows clients to tailor a system to meet the criteria of each site which offers:

• Reliability with a state-of-the-art
control system

• Gray water incorporate into new mixes
• Professional and efficient delivery

MODEL 5500

Complete Recovery Series offers recycling of ready mix aggregates and gray water while also helping manage your plant’s process and stormwater. 


1-4 Truck Intake Hopper

• Sizes range from 8-43’ wide
• Heavy design with 3/16” plate
• 5-7.5hp sump pump to feed 
flush booms
• Auto trough flush dilutes returned ready mix for process (upgrade to 3″ automated valve system)
• Visual/audio alarm for system control

Integral Unloading Buffer Tank

• Returned ready mix is washed into the buffer and material is swept into the screw while residual water flows to a weir settling system
• 3-4 yd “Discharge and Go” for faster discharge time
• Built with AR 36 Plate
• Replaceable cast scraper blades
• Includes a Lower Access Door for
easy maintenance
• 10hp direct drive speed reducer

23" Square Housing Screw

• 20-30 yd/hr
• Material-on-material design eliminates wear on the tank floor and screw housing
• 25hp direct drive speed reducer
• Easy to maintain
• Replaceable high chrome cast flights
• Automatic lubrication system for
lower bearing

Aggregate Recovery

• Spray nozzles create a final rinse for cleaner aggregate
• Optional vibrating screen deck
• Filter press compatible

Spill Over Tank

• Gray water storage rebatching technology sizes ranging from 8000-35000 gallons


• Keeps gray water in suspension to avoid buildup



• Smart phone and batch room display
• HMI viewer to adjust system values
• Compatible with 3 phase 204-575v

Temperature Control Internal Piping Systems

• Can work in conjunction with water chiller or hot water system

Large Access Door

• Walk through for easy maintenance

Priority Batch Plant Pump

• 3-5m pump
• Pumps gray water to batch plant

Ultrasonic Non-Contact Level Controller

• 4-20mA ultrasonic meter provides pump control to adjust water level
• Automatically introduces outside water to the system

Density Meter / Temperature Probe System / Density Signal Interface Systems

• Monitors temperature of gray water and density for reuse
• Specific gravity monitoring is offered and can be interfaced with your batch computer