Custom Pit Agitation Series

• Agitates gray water and keeps it in suspension to reuse
• Robust in design and function, custom to each site requirement
• Sizes ranging from 4-10’ depth, accommodates wedge pit up to 15’ wide inside, 5’ wide walk on support frame, uses 5-10hp speed reducer
• Filter press compatible

Model 4, Model 7, Model 10

Screen Deck

• Single vibrating deck screen that further separates sand and stone for optimal rinsing performance
• Allows up to 13’ wide bunker with extension frame and height adjustment
• Includes 2 spray bar nozzles, pre-wired, screen cloth, vibration mounting

* Can be used with all models

Process Water Management System

• Processes gray water from an existing capture basin or reclamation system
• System will agitate and measure the gray water density to interface with your batch computer for reuse
• Includes a level controller and optional temperature control internal piping system

Filter Press: How It Works

The Filter Press in operation: the solids laden slurry is pumped under pressure into the press chambers through the piping at the stationary head of the filter press, via the feed connection. As each cake chamber fills with slurry, the liquid passes through the cloth medium, across the drain- field, through the drain ports and exits via gravity out of the corner discharge eyes.

Filter Press: Site COnsiderations

1.  Press Location:
    a.  Elevate press on walls
    b.  Filtered water discharge
    c.  Gravity to containment area/tank
    d.  Cake drop area – Clean out method and schedule

2.  Gray Water Source, Agitation 

    a.  If Enviro-Port spillover tank – Filter Press feed kit needed
    b.  If Pond or capture pits – Agitation method needed

3.  Run Off Water
    a.  Some water is expected from the dropping cakes, press cloth weeping and customers washing down the cloth after use. Locate press so process water can be directed to capture basin

4.  Air Supply: Consult filter press supplier for proper sizing

5.  Electrical: Consult filter press supplier